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Building the Finest Homes in the Grand Traverse Region of Northwest Michigan.


PMGC always puts the client first.

Project budgets are closely monitored just like the actual construction process. PMGC foremen communicate with homeowners every step of the way to ensure that decisions are made jointly. Trust with clients, architects, sub-contractors, and suppliers takes years to achieve, and PMGC has never taken these commitments lightly.

Proof is in our customer satisfaction and return rate. Paul’s customers keep coming back to him for new projects year after year, along with telling their friends and acquaintances.

Paul has built and remodeled a wide variety of homes in in the Grand Traverse area. He has worked with several local and regional architects over the years and will be happy to recommend an architect that he believes fits your individual design needs. He is also more than willing to work with an architect of your choosing.

Kind words from past clients.


"Our family has been boating from Lake Erie to Northern Michigan since 1997. We have also participated in the Vasa cross country ski race a dozen times over the past 20 years. We were drawn into the beauty of Leelanau County like many others and could not get it out of our dreams. Upon becoming empty nesters several years ago, and having too many reminders from friends that life is too short, we decided to build a home “up north” in Sutton’s Bay and move there permanently.


Donna’s Dad is a retired builder so we know many good, bad, and ugly stories of building a new home. We hired an architect, interviewed five builders, asked for bids from three of them, and PMGC won the bid. To quote one of our favorite movies (Jerry McGuire), Paul “had us at hello”. Although Paul has built many homes, we think he was as excited as we were about our adventure. We asked for brutal honesty through the process and we got it from Paul and every member of his team. Similar to Rick’s wealth management business where every relationship is built on trust, the same is true when you’re building a home that is seven hours away from where you live.


When the first pictures arrived via email, we probably looked at them 20 times. Those pictures continued to arrive almost every Friday and we spent countless hours reviewing them over and over again. This excitement typically lead to many spontaneous jumping in the car and taking a “quick” seven hour drive to review everything up close and personal. Our visits were never planned but every time we arrived the job site was spotless and we were endlessly amazed by the high quality of the craftsmanship. The real test came when Donna’s Dad first came to visit… he spent days walking around our home and all he kept saying every few minutes was “incredible, incredible, incredible”. For someone with 40+ years of building experience to react like that, we knew we had made the right choice in a builder.


Paul, in addition to you, we could not write something like this without mentioning our Superintendent, Kim Weese. Although we tried to be low maintenance during this project, Kim seemed to be on call for us 24/7. He always made us feel that we were your only client. Although we felt the care and the integrity that Kim exhibits could not be duplicated, it was the same with everyone on your team (and your subcontractors). I don’t know many homeowners that say anything close to this regarding their building experience. The lifelong friendships we have built with you and Kim is something we never thought would come from building a home, but when you deliver only the good (and not the bad and the ugly), it’s easy to see how this could happen.


We could go on and on about how happy we are in our new home… we think the truth really comes out when we ask ourselves almost every day, “are we still on vacation? Thanks again for a wonderful experience!"

-Rick and Donna

"I selected Paul Maurer General Contracting because of their unique combination of experience and open mindedness. When you're building contemporary, sustainable architecture, you need a contractor who can be both a master builder as well as a forward thinker. One must be a true craftsman in order to execute the somewhat unforgiving details of modern architecture (as there is no crown molding to hide your errors), as well as a technologist, in order to handle today's sophisticated green technologies."

-Danny Forster Design Studio

“As the construction of our home on Elk Lake comes to a close, Elaine and I especially want to thank you and everyone who played a part in the building process. The result of well over a year of thought and execution is more than we could have ever hoped for; our home is nothing short of awesome! You and your staff were always warm, friendly and available whether we came to your office, met at the house or simply placed a phone call. Many were involved, some behind the scenes and some front and center; it is because of everyone’s collective talent and dedication that we have a true “dream” home.

We also want you to know that our experience with Kim Weese has been a pleasure from beginning to end. Kim has been the ultimate professional, always paying close attention to the details, always patient, understanding, and ready to offer advice and guidance. His expertise and opinions were so helpful to us when making decisions, and he never hesitated to go the extra mile to offer options or alternatives. We were always greeted with a handshake and a smile, and feel very fortunate that Kim was on our project. He was steady and kept us focused, and we were always confident that things would be done right. Kim is an outstanding representative of your Company, his value immeasurable.

We would also like to recognize Tim Ransom, our day-to-day superintendent, who also proved to be an invaluable asset to our project. In addition to being there every day, we greatly appreciated his creativity and attention to detail, which is evident throughout the house. He was always willing to do whatever was asked, sometimes to do a mock up, or explain how an idea would be executed. Just a couple of examples…first, he mocked up alternative coffered ceiling designs; second, he mocked up some nice detail molding on the plant shelf wall in the entry area; third, he suggested some special molding on the wine room door; and the list goes on. Even in the cold of winter, he always had a willing smile for us when we came around. It was truly a pleasant delight to have Tim work on our home.

Finally Paul, we consider ourselves lucky that the first phone call and meeting we had with you would eventually bring us to the point after what seems like such a long time ago in some ways, but not so long in other ways. You made time to meet with us, listen, visit our lot on your time, show us homes in production on a Saturday in the middle of summer, and never asked or pressured us to sign a contract. You were the reason we did and your collective team is the reason we are glad we did.

We have commented to you before about the emotion that your magazine ads evoke; however, without the actions to back them up, they mean nothing. In our case, you built not only our “memories,” but also a long-term relationship of trust. Please share these thoughts with everyone involved and rest assured your organization comes highly recommended.”

-Bob and Elaine

“We are extremely pleased with every project that Home Services does for us. No matter how big or small, it always gets done right and in a timely fashion. Paul and his crew built our home, and Dave and the crew at Home Services take care of all the things we want to add, like a basketball court, to things we want to change like new ceramic tiles, to even changing light bulbs and checking on the house when we’re not there. Thanks again."

-Bob and Barb

“I would highly recommend Paul Maurer Home Services for any of your home repair or improvement needs. They displayed professional quality workmanship in a timely fashion and all within the costs estimates they provided. Their employees were skilled, careful of my home environment and very polite. I can trust these characteristics each time I need help, regardless of the project.”

-Sheryl of Traverse City

“Our experience with Paul Maurer Home Services has been excellent. Dave Roelofs has completed our first year warranty lists and we have hired him to oversee additional projects on our house. He is extremely personable and we always look forward to seeing him. When Dave is in charge, things will happen. He goes about the task, keeps us updated by email, and accommodates our out of town schedules. He deals with contractors who sometimes have not prioritized our project and he gets them to set a schedule. He handles our home with careful attention to details. When Dave is in charge, he will make sure the projects are done correctly.”

-Tom and Susie

Our building experience with Paul Maurer was very positive.The quality of their work was outstanding. Our home is in a brutal environment with lots of sand and wind. We needed a home that was solidly built and we feel that we have it. Paul’s team members were not only responsive to our requests but they were genuinely excited about and proud of the product they were building. We had our house built while we were living in another state, but we felt confident that our standards were being met without our direct supervision. Building can be stressful but the Paul Maurer Company minimized the stress and made it a rewarding experience. We are thrilled with our new home. Thank you, Paul.

-Marilyn and Clint

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