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For part-time and seasonal residents, we also offer a “house-check” service in the winter (or when you are not here). Because we have built many seasonal homes for customers over the past 40 years, this has become a very popular service.

You pick the services you desire from our checklist and they can be as detailed as you want.

Weekly visits can include...

  • Checking the plumbing in every bathroom and kitchen to make sure everything is functioning properly
  • Checking the temperature of the home and HVAC systems, and even watering the plants if you like
  • If keeping the home ready for visits in the winter is a priority, we can plow the driveway and keep the walkways shoveled clear of deep snow
  • We will also check the windows, doors, and the security system. If we find something that appears unusual, we will email photos to you immediately
  • You will be billed on a monthly basis

Prevention is the best medicine.

Over the years, we have been engaged in insurance claims where home interiors were almost completely destroyed due to something as minor as an upstairs bathroom waterline leaking and not being discovered for an entire winter. Thousands of dollars, and an unusable summer home while under repair, can be avoided with regular visits. Accidents and storms happen, but minor events with major consequences can often be prevented.

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